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Your pack includes all dogs on your property. Sounds obvious right? But you may be implementing different rules and boundaries for one dog - they may be allowed inside for example or on the furniture and another is not. [Read More…]

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I have no issue at all with a dog walking in front of you when out on the lead.
Walking on the lead…
Your dog should not be pulling on the lead (thus trying to get you to go in the direction they want to go *) so then the lead should be fairly loose. [Read More…]

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Teaching the command “Quiet!”
When your dog is barking, growl a very stern and guttural “Bah!!!”*
Then, the instant he/she IS quiet, say quiet and praise. You can also reward with something high value - such as a liver treat or cheese crumb, both are strong smelling, so usually more attractive your dog :-)

*Or shake a plastic bottle with pebbles in it if this proves ineffective or if your dog simply zones out and the barking is very intense, shake a tin (for example a Milo one) taped up with coins in it, by your side.
For more training and behavioural tips check out my Dog Behavioural Blog, Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend

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‘Confidence is the training clincher, even if it’s faked.’
I believe from my experience in this Consultancy, that you can tick all the boxes from a trainers or behaviourists task list for you to perform but if there is no confidence in performance, no show of ‘leadership grit’ (again, as always, leadership and dominance are different) your dog may still essentially ‘walk all over you’, with you not accomplishing your goal. Fake it till you make it! Think of a person that commands authority (even a fictional character) and try to emulate their behaviour, Helen Clark or is that a bit contentious. [Read More…]

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It may seem an odd question but what are you not noticing?
I come across many owners that repeatedly, are very much encouraging the behaviour they do not want.
An example of this is when sitting down and absorbed in conversation, their dog waltz’s along, jumps up and gets a lovely pat or scratch around the ears. [Read More…]