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Dog Training and the Recall

First tip, never call your dog to give them a growling!
They will associate you with a negative situation and why should they ever want to come to you…
Second, practice the recall within your home and garden environments first before venturing out to the ‘big wide world’
Then, with the walk, you should be ‘dictating’ where you are going, what you are up to etc. [Read More…]

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Dog behaviour, the ‘Butt Sniff’…

Is your dog the regular butt sniffer or the sniffee? (He he). Or the no your not sniffing me. [Read More…]

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Dog Training, timing and accidentally training the wrong thing! (Easier than you think)

Did you know many owners inadvertently train the opposite of what they want their dog to do?
It all comes down to timing.
An example of this is the ‘Off’, for ‘Off the furniture’. [Read More…]

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Dog Training and Pulling on the Lead

Start the walk as you want it to continue.
Your dog should not be allowed to wear their lead until they are calm (relatively). Do not let them get over excited again, even if you have to wait. [Read More…]

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Dog training and Generalization of Reactionary Behaviour

Reactionary behaviour can generalize itself and faster than you think.
For example, your dog may be displaying a reaction to certain nationalities and a certain gender of person - (this does happen, a concept associated with socialization)- but then, they may begin to generalize this reaction to the same sex as before, but including different nationalities now, for example.
My point is, your problem situation is now bigger. [Read More…]

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