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Arghh those quick, ‘negative’ influences…

Be aware of just how quickly ‘negative’ behaviour inserts like jumping up, can and do come about when training your dog, despite your best efforts, arrgh. Nothings perfect and don’t beat yourself up. Set backs come about like when, a visitor comes and pushes your pup down when they jump up (creating a bouncing, rebound effect ) or even pats and says “Aw Isn’t he lovely!” and bang your dog is up. These can require much effort to correct over a few days but just get back on that ‘training horse’ and remind yourself, this is how we do it around here,

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Dog Training - Don’t be a nag…

Now this can be really hard to do initially until your really get into the habit of it, but…
Do not keep repeating a command - this sends the message to your dog that 2-3 repetitions are what the command is made up of. Also why would your dog ever feel the need to do the ‘Command’ the first time if you are going to nag about it and repeat it multiple times? There’s always next time…

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Dog Training - Socialization

Socialization, I’m in the thick of it with our Border Terrier pup Trev. But it’s important to remember the ‘Whys…’
Done in a good way, from socialization practices in those first 12 weeks of life, your dog will then be able to cope well and sufficiently with life’s noisy and disruptive challenges, generally being more resilient. In short, you are better setting your pup/dog up for happiness :-) On top of this too, there are societies expectations for how dogs should/must behave around people/animals objects….;-)
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend.

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Dog Training, teaching the ‘Leave’

Teaching ‘Leave’
This is when your dog will step back from the person or object, for you to use when there is a lot of sniffing etc. at greeting time. *Choose another word if you are using this word already for another action. [Read More…]

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Dog Training and the tired dog? Hungry Dog? Nipping, Biting

I find, including with our own very young Border Terrier Trev, when your pup or even older dog is either getting tired or hungry he or she is more likely to engage in ‘naughty’ behaviour (sounds familiar human parents?!) But this behaviour can even be really hyper active looking in nature - like nipping and jumping to gain your attention. My advice is to ensure your dog has it’s regular feed schedule and somewhere to calm down and rest quietly and is being encouraged by all to do so. Has your dog just had enough for now, are they knackered?
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend.

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